How much do the camps cost?  

Registrations are only $150 (Earlybird 2-day) or $290 (Earlybird 4-day) for each week til December 17th. We also offer the early-bird discount for multiple-child bookings. If you are interested in a pay-it-forward booking to help children in need share in the Eurekamp Oz! experience, the value of these scholarships is $250 and includes a Eurekamp Oz! t-shirt. Queries to

What is a day camp?

Each jam packed day starts at 9 am and finishes at 3:30 pm. Drop off from 8:30am and pick up until 4:00 pm – unless otherwise arranged.

Has this ever been tried before?

Yes! We ran the original Eurekamp! at the University of Alberta from 2009 – 2016. Our January 2023 program, Eurekamp Oz! is an Australian first, built from that. Our director and co-founder, Prof. Rob Wilson, has brought to Eurekamp Oz! to our shores with his appointment as Professor in Philosophy at UWA. Two of our team members – Kaz and Sarah – had the privilege of being camp leaders in Canada. Check out the video of Eurekamp! Canada:

What if I can’t afford to come?

Our pay-it-forward booking system enables children in need to take up a scholarship and share in the Eurekamp Oz! experience. If you would like to apply for an Eurekamp Oz! Scholarship please follow the directions here.

What if I want to help a family who cannot afford to send their child to Eurekamp Oz!?

Our pay-it-forward booking system enables children in need to share in the Eurekamp Oz! experience through a scholarship program. If you are representing an organisation or institution and would like to sponsor more than one scholarship, please follow the directions here or email and we will set up a scholarship named in a manner compatible with donor intentions. For example, if you want to sponsor children in the name of “Philosophy and Science”, or “Disability”, we can name the scholarships accordingly and match them with appropriate recipients.

Can my child attend for one day only?

We are not offering single-day experiences at this time. 

What happens at Eurekamp Oz!?

Eurekamp Oz! offers adventures in ideas. Developed from the Philosophy for Children (P4C) model, the week of fun activities and communities of inquiry give children the opportunity to explore ideas through active and fun discovery and inquiry. Building the community within and between the camps over the week is an essential part of this process. Each camp has a theme – Games/Play/Music – that informs the activities throughout the week. Experts from across the UWA community will share their knowledge and passion for their chosen fields, igniting interest and excitement in our campers!  Thursday is presentation day (for 4-day camps)– so come join your children and see what they have created!