PEiPL Ltd has established a Eurekamp Oz! Scholarship Program, administered jointly with our partner, the University of Western Australia. A Eurekamp Oz! Scholarship covers costs, in part or in whole, of registration with the value of a full Eurekamp Oz! Scholarship being equivalent to the cost of camp registration for one child.

In 2022/2023, extra funding for 10 x 2-day ($150) EO! Scholarships has been provided by the City of Subiaco through a Community Development Grant to PEiPL Ltd. These are for school-age children who attend schools that the City serves, including those (e.g., Shenton College) that lie beyond its boundaries. 

A family may be eligible for a Eurekamp Oz! Scholarship because of economic need, unemployment and under-employment, hardship associated with disability and illness, and having educational opportunities that have been significantly limited. We recognise that COVID raises equity considerations here, including for single parents, students, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples. To apply, download the application form below, complete it, and submit it to us. The criteria used to make awards are listed below. Questions and inquiries to

The Board will review all applications for a Eurekamp Oz! Scholarship and determine the award of full and partial scholarships by reference to the following criteria:
• One or both parents who receive unemployment benefits;
• Child or parent has a disability or chronic illness;
• Single-parent families;
• Parents who are full-time students;
• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Peoples;
• Refugee or migrant families;
• Any other cases where the applicant is able to provide evidence of financial need or social disadvantage to the Board’s satisfaction.